shikawa Web FrontendDev

Hi, I am Rulo

I am a web developer with some backend and devops skills but focus on frontend.

I make layouts from graphic design to responsive HTML5.

I build sites with PHP, WordPress, AngularJS, and React.

I use agile methodologies, Git/GitHub, Kanban, Scrum, JIRA.

I have experience as instructor. My style is going in small steps towards concrete skills. Also I like to express concepts in a visual way.

I write in my blogs about programming, creativity, short stories, reflections and miscelaneous. Also I have a YouTube channel.

What impresses about Rulo is his work process. He approaches each new task with a rigorous system of analysis, specification, investigation, implementation and documentation. His communication is consistent and effective. As a lead developer on a project with Rulo I was always aware of his advances and issues arising due to his meticulous reporting. He has a sound knowledge of the web platform and his rapid prototyping has often been of great benefit to the team as a whole.

In addition to his professionalism, Rulo is a very pleasant work colleague, easy to get on with and always willing to collaborate with team mates if the need arises. I have no hesitation in recommending Rulo to any team that is looking for a very competent developer that expects a high level of accountability from its members.

Russell Ormes
Director of Technology at Excel Softsources

Conocí a Rulo como desarrollador frontend. Mostró creatividad y suficiencia en su desempeño, además de ser colaborador y receptivo a nuestras pautas y recomendaciones. Pudimos avanzar rápido trabajando juntos.

Como parte del equipo, interactuaba bien con sus compañeros, brindaba sugerencias y apoyaba las decisiones prácticas y simples. Comprendía la importancia de lo hecho antes que lo perfecto.

Rulo es eficiente. Rulo es una buena persona.

Pablo Mancini
Product Director

Antonio posee un amplio repertorio de habilidades, pero quizá la más importante es su flexibilidad, curiosidad y ganas de aprender; una orientación perfecta para el entorno de desarrollo tecnológico donde los cambios suceden a paso acelerado. Desde proyectos pequeños, hasta los más complejos, Antonio encontró soluciones a los retos que se presentaban e incluso pudo prever situaciones antes de que se dieran.

Jun Chinen
Creative Director at Helice Cuatro
HTML 5 CSS 3 Bootstrap MaterialDesign
  •  PSD          HTML5  CSS3          template

    Layout in responsive HTML5 to template system in PHP, WordPress, Django, Express, etc.

  •        Responsive

    Auto adjust layout to device width

  •    Frameworks

    Standard tools to develop software easier to maintain

JS jQuery Angular React Vue
  • JS

    The good parts.

  • jQuery

    Widely used components and plugins, and expressive sintaxis for custom effects and animations running in highly-compatible websites.

  • Frontend frameworks

    Useful infrastructure for Single Page Applications.

Node Express MEAN
  • JS in the backend

    Useful infrastructure for asyncronous programming and non blocking io for real time apps.

PHP WordPress XAMP
  • PHP

    One of the most widely used programming languages in the web.

  • Content Management

    Useful infrastructure for fast and simple solutions.